What's Luxe by Lo?! I'm glad you asked, I started Luxe by Lo a few simple goals in mind:

1) I want every piece I offer to be the highest possible quality at the sharpest price point.

2) I want every piece I offer to be the most figure-flattering piece offered in the selected silhouette or style, so you’ll always associate Luxe by Lo with your own personal best look.

3) I want every piece I sell to feel perfect. If you know me, you know how crazy I am about fabrication, so each piece I’ve selected must have the most amazing hand feel. I want my tops and dresses to feel smooth and soft—like butter!

4) I want each seasonal collection to be mix-and-match and have a cohesive feel. In the end, this hopefully means you’ll need fewer pieces. Win-win!

5) If fantastic offerings are the cake, then my frosting will be amenities like complimentary styling and shapewear essentials suggestions.The right shapewear is the foundation of a killer outfit so of course, it’s part of our offerings. At Luxe by Lo, we’ll always strive to offer styling and finishing touches to help you maximize the value of every piece you buy. #everydayelevated